Strowlers Season One – Pilot (Blu-ray)

Release Date 11/14/2018
Retail Price $19.99
Manufacturer Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
Category Clearance Items, Novelties and Collectibles
UPC 9781944217129
Weight (lb) 0.171

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Enter a shared cinematic universe about everyday heroes in a dangerous, magical world. From the creators of The Gamers and JourneyQuest.

Part-time librarian Whit (Tanesha Ross) just wants to tell stories and enjoy a life with her girlfriend Amanda (Trin Miller). But when her favorite fairy tale comes to life during a reading at the library—summoning government forces intent on repressing all non-sanctioned magic—she is thrust into a world where underground magic users fight for their right to exist, where children with powers are torn from their families, and where her girlfriend's research threatens to throw the entire system into chaos. Now, she must choose between loyalty to her partner and protecting a young girl who can't control her newfound magic.

This is the start of a four-season story arc that follows the shifting conflict between the Strowlers, the United States government, and a secret faction of supernatural creatures who seek to escape an ancient prison and reassert their dominance over humanity.