The Gamers: H&H/Natural One DVD

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Manufacturer Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
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From Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and Lynnvander Inc come two new
featurettes set in the universe of Dead Gentlemen Productions' The Gamers

Humans & Households: A group of the kingdom's bravest adventurers attempt to
relax on their day off with a game of Humans & Households, where they face the terrors of suburban life, a roving pack of automobiles, intruder alarm systems, and a dire household guardian. From the mind of writer-director Matt Vancil comes a comedy about roleplaying gaming ten years in the making!

Natural One: When Gary (Christian Doyle) learns that his sister is engaged to a non-gamer, he drags Leo (Scott C. Brown) to Canada for a no-holds-barred gaming showdown in an urban cyberpunk wasteland. While their characters
quest for a missing cybernetic arm, Gary must decide between completing his ingame mission or sabotaging the group and his sister's relationship.

Special Features:
* Commentary Tracks
* Outtakes & Deleted Scenes

Subtitles: English

60 minutes * Extras: 120+ minutes * Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 * DVD
Region: 0 (NTSC) * Language: English * Format: 16:9 Anamorphic * Printed in
the USA