The Gamers: The Shadow Menace

Release Date 11/14/2018
Retail Price $19.99
Manufacturer Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
Category Novelties and Collectibles
UPC 9781944217167
Weight (lb) 0.203

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Backstab him with a ballista: The Gamers return!

Fifteen years ago, fantasy heroes Newmoon, Nimble, Magellan, and Rogar were expelled from the magical world of Fartherall into modern-day America. It has not gone well for them. Now, guided by the mysterious Professor (Russell Hodgkinson, Z Nation), a new group of gamers takes control of the party on a quest to find a way home and defeat their enemy, The Shadow. But a university's evil provost (Ellen McLain, Portal) has other plans for our hapless adventurers.

Both discs also include the original 2002 film The Gamers (remastered in 1080p for the Blu-ray release) and The Gamers: Season 0—six comedy vignettes that span fifteen years of mistaken identity, candy cane addiction, and bad life choices—making this 2-disc Blu-ray and DVD set the ultimate collection of the original The Gamers adventures.