MP: Crush Hour Prize Kit March 2020

SKU PIP99186
Release Date 3/27/2020
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer Privateer Press
Category Clearance Items, Organized Play
UPC PIP99186
Weight (lb) 0.375

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Get ready to smash, crush, and obliterate your way to victory! Crush Hour is the official Monsterpocalypse tournament support kit. Regular Crush Hour tournaments are one of the best ways to support a growing community of Monsterpocalypse players.

Each kit contains (1) alt sculpt resin Dice Saloon building and (4) foil Building cards.

Each kit contains enough material for any number of players to participate. The top player receives the alt sculpt Dice Saloon resin building and a foil stat card. The other foil cards are given to 2nd and 3rd place and one randomly given out as a participation prize.