MP: Island of Annihilation: League Kit

SKU PIP99176
Release Date 8/10/2018
Retail Price $18.75
Manufacturer Privateer Press
Category Clearance Items, Organized Play
Weight (lb) 0.688

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Welcome to the vacation of your dreams! On this beautiful tropical island, you’ll find numerous 5-star resorts, an active volcano, and giant monsters looking to destroy everyone and everything. Island of Annihilation is an introductory league for Monsterpocalypse that provides a brand-new game map for players to enjoy.

Each kit contains (4) Monsterpocalypse maps and (2) metal coins, one for Protectors and one for Destroyers.

Each kit contains enough material for 4 players to participate. Each player receives one of the “Monster Island” maps, which is used in the league. The top Protector player receives a special metal coin with the GUARD logo on one side and the Monsterpocalypse logo on the other. Similarly, the top Destroyer player receives a Planet Eater coin.