TANKS: Italian Desert Campaign OP Kit 1

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Manufacturer Battle Front Miniatures
Category Organized Play
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Can the Allies overcome this strongpoint to further their advance, or will the fort be a significant roadblock—giving the Axis forces time to regroup and plan a counter-offensive.

In any mission this month, the Axis player may elect to add a single Desert Fort to their platoon for 40 points.

Desert Fort Rules
Each segment of the Desert Fort can be destroyed. Each Desert Fort has four Turrets and four Walls. Walls and Turrets are impassable blocking terrain and can’t be assigned upgrade or crew cards.

Desert Fort Turrets
A Fort Turret may fire as if it were a tank. Fort Turrets may not shoot though the walls but may shoot any tank inside the Fort. When shooting or being shot, treat each Fort Turret as if it was a tank that did not move this turn. Once a Fort Turret has been destroyed it can no longer shoot.

Desert Fort Walls
Fort Walls cannot shoot. Once destroyed, flip the card terrain over. A tank may move through the marked section of a destroyed Fort Wall and it no longer counts as blocking terrain. Tanks being shot through a destroyed wall gain cover.