Over the Edge 3rd. Ed

Release Date 6/1/2019
Retail Price $44.95
Manufacturer Atlas Games
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9781589781870
Weight (lb) 2.74

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The game of enigma and conspiracy, reimagined by its creator for a new generation of roleplayers.

Everything old is new again: New narrative rules improve storytelling. New character traits propel drama. Every conspiracy, character, and location is given a fresh twist.

The twisted RPG of counter-culture conspiracy, weird science, and urban danger comes roaring back in a completely reimagined edition. Get into trouble. Question your place in the crazed multiverse. Take a draught of madness. Transcend mortal limits. Fight a baboon. Please remember that Liberty is Job One, Disarmament Means Peace, It’s Polite to Speak English, and of course, Paranormal Activity is perfectly legal. Thank you for your consent.