SoB: Forbidden Fortress Paint Set

Release Date 11/15/2018
Retail Price $34.95
Manufacturer Flying Frog Productions
Category Paints and Brushes
UPC 9781941816448
Weight (lb) 0.83

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This new Paint Set compliments the initial two Shadows of Brimstone Paint Sets (Heroes of the Old West and Creatures of the Void) but focuses on new colors for Forbidden Fortress Heroes and Enemies. Includes 10 new Army Painter paints (Ninja Black, Cherry Blossom Pink, Pale Flesh, Bone Eater Green, Oni Red, Yamabushi Blue, Elemental Yellow, Tengu Grey, Statue Bronze, and Strong Tone Ink), a Precise Detail paint brush, Forbidden Fortress Paint Guide, and the Army Painter Warpainter’s Army Guide.