Elder Scrolls: CtA Retailer Demo Bundle

SKU MUH052056
Release Date 6/9/2020
Retail Price $1,220.00
Manufacturer Modiphius Entertainment
Category Promotional
UPC 202005210013
Weight (lb) 43.5

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This bundle includes 1 free Core Rules Box, 1 free Imperial Faction Starter Set, 1 free Stormscloaks Faction Starter Set and 1 free Bleak Falls Barrow Starter Set worth $147 RRP.

12 Elders Scrolls Call to Arms Core Rules Box MUH052029
6 Imperial Faction Starter set MUH052030
6 Stormcloaks Faction Starter set MUH052031
12 Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Set MUH052032