Fairy Garden Release Special

Release Date 4/24/2019
Retail Price $800.00
Manufacturer Japanime Games
Category Promotional
Weight (lb) 0

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The highly anticipated sequel to one of our most popular titles! We're excited to help you run release events for Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden. Fairy Garden will be released on April 24th, but with this special, it'll also be the only way to get advanced copies of the Fairy Garden Expansions, which do not release until August and beyond.

6 copies of Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden
5 copies of HoC Path Before Heaven
5 copies of HoC Six City Alliance
5 copies of HoC Mini Expansion
2 sets of Heart of Crown: Foil Cards
2 sets of HoC Fairy Garden: Foil Cards
2 sets of Heart of Crown: Standees
15 Packs of Heart of Crown Sleeves
2 Heart of Crown Play mats