Letter Jam Release Kit

Release Date 9/30/2019
Retail Price $80.00
Manufacturer Czech Games Edition, Inc.
Category Promotional
Weight (lb) 8.991

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Your friend gives this clue. Can you guess your secret letter? It’s obviously a T. Unless it’s a G. Or would your friend think a word like WAFER is a good clue?

Letter Jam is a cooperative game for 2 to 6 players. In each round, every player has a letter that everyone else can see. But no one can see their own letter!

Launch kit will only be available during the first wave of Letter Jam, approximately until later October, or while supplies last. One kit per store location.

4 copies for sale
Demo copy
Promotional puzzle
5 bonus chips (1 for each copy)
Extra guessing sheet pads
Instruction Sheet for retailers