Shadowrun Sixth World Retail Support Kit

Release Date 7/15/2020
Retail Price $39.98
Manufacturer Catalyst Game Labs
Category Promotional
UPC cyt25000ri
Weight (lb) 1.587

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The Shadowrun Sixth World Retail Support Kit contains helpful items to promote the game in your store and give your customers information about Shadowrun Sixth World.

Shadowrun Sixth World: Rogues Gallery; An NPC Deckd
Shadowrun Sixth World: Prime Runner Miniatures Pack
“Sledge” Standee : 18” tall heavy-stock character standee with SR6 Slogan: “Risk It All”
Shadowrun Sixth World Poster (from SR6 RPG Cover)
SR6 Shelf Companion: A glossy, full color folder meant to shelve with SR6 product. Customers can pull it out to get a quick overview of the SR world, and open it for a display and thumbnail descriptions of the first 9 SR6 products