Stringamajig Launch Kit

Release Date 6/17/2020
Retail Price $109.68
Manufacturer Fireside Games
Category Promotional
Weight (lb) 7.573

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Stringamajig is the new party game from Fireside Games hitting shelves in April. Part drawing game, part charades, this hilarious spectacle will have players cracking up as one player tries to get everyone else to guess a word by drawing and interacting with a loop of string.

Fireside Games is making it even easier for your store to have strong sales by offering the Stringamajig Launch Kit. Each kit contains everything you need to get in on the fun.

5 copies of Stringamajig
1 Demo Copy of Stringamajig
12 promo car packs (6 cards per pack)
1 shelf talker
5 "Ask for Promo!" stickers for point-of-sale incentives