Puzzle: Loops within Loops 1000pc

Release Date 4/19/2021
Retail Price $19.99
Manufacturer Mchezo
Category Puzzles
UPC 651174940175
Weight (lb) 2.01

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Continuing in our abstract series of jigsaw puzzles, we present Loops within Loops. This piece was created by in-house artist Jason Haynes. The vibrant colors of the loops contrast well with the gradient background, making the puzzle challenging but not “I’m going Loopy” level difficult. Looking for a puzzle that will throw you a curve? Then Loops Within Loops is for you! This puzzle is printed to the same high quality standard as our other Mchezo puzzles, featuring thick pieces with a tight fit and a variety of different shapes within the puzzle, while still retaining a standard ribbon cut design. We promise that the loops are not moving when you look at the image.