5E: Adv. C5: Falls the Divide

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Release Date 2/19/2019
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Manufacturer Troll Lord Games
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Built high on cliffs overlooking the confluence of two rivers, Gurthap Keep was a bastion of strength and a haven for the Cult of the Red God. Here, priests of old sacrificed over the tomb of long dead Kha M Thir, honoring him for his long service to the Red God. At last the rangers gathered against the Cult and overthrew it. They drove them from their walls and those they did not slay, fled. The castle has sat thus ever since, a grim testament to the gods of the old world. The forest has consumed it and only the memories of men keep it alive. But beyond its abandoned walls lie the shadows of yesteryear. For the tomb of Kah M Thir was never found and the secrets of the priests of the Red God never fully revealed. Falls the Divide is an adventure for 3-5 characters of mid-level range.