5E: Adv.: S2 The Malady of Kings

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Release Date 11/12/2019
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Manufacturer Troll Lord Games
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St. Luther sits restless upon the magical Dreaming Sea. His great love and mortal queen died a restless soul and her spirit haunts the crypts of Friden Anhohe. He feels his queen’s disjoined spirit and it draws his mind. In his distractions the god has fallen prey to the machinations of a vile wizard and evil has taken root where no evil should reside. To lay the queen to rest is to rescue a god. The road is perilous, crossing the wilds of Eldwood to the very deeps of the Dreaming Sea. There lies a magical land and Luther’s abode. To bring peace to the realms one must solve the riddles of the wizard’s sorcery, cross a reckless land, encounter monsters of epic proportion, all before ever they come into the presence of Saint Luther, Lord of Dreams. Even then danger awaits them for the Lord’s slumber is a perilous thing to disturb.