City of Mist RPG Nights of Payne Town

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Manufacturer Son of Oak Games
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Nights of Payne Town is a story arc book, a collection of ten cases (adventures) can be run individually or as an ongoing campaign, following the insidious operation of an all-powerful Avatar. Each case contains everything you need to run a game of City of Mist, including a teaser for your players, the backstory, locations, clues, NPCs, Danger descriptions and maps.

In Nights of Payne Town your crew starts picking at the small cases: a gifted hustler named Goldie falls prey to a deadly hate crime; the City’s finest youths disappear, with evidence hinting at a sacrificial ritual; a new designer drug hits the streets, made especially for awakened legends; and a self-proclaimed mafia king takes the blue-collar neighborhood under his protection.

To get to the truth, your crew will have to crack cryptic crime scenes, schmooze your way through hard-headed bouncers and greasy tycoons, and face off with modern-day sorcerers and monsters. But are you ready for what you’ll find?

As you pull the threads, the bigger picture transpires: a monumental, misguided attempt to heal the City has left it permanently wounded. Now the pain of the past haunts you too, but you are the only one who can stop it from tearing your City apart.