City of Mist RPG Shadows & Showdowns

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Manufacturer Son of Oak Games
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Shadows & Showdowns is an expansion for City of Mist which explores the powers behind the Mist:

Overlooked Attractions: a guide to the City’s most exotic locations and residents, including an expanded Dangers “bestiary” of villains, crooks, and mythical creatures in modern-day guise.

Don’t Believe The Truth: a description of the City’s council of Avatars, “the Truth”, their individual operations, Rifts in their service, and the details of their agreement to maintain the status quo in the City.

Suits Unveiled: a revealing look at the Gatekeepers, the organization behind the Mist, including complete rules for playing Gatekeepers.

The Riot: the details of the future city-wide event that will shake the foundations of the Mist itself, with story hooks, an introductory case, new Dangers, and a threat far greater than any Gatekeeper or Avatar.