Hydro Hacker Operatives - Ashcan Edition

Release Date 3/18/2019
Retail Price $9.95
Manufacturer Encoded Designs
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9780983031321
Weight (lb) 0.349

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Hydro Hacker Operatives is a Powered by the Apocalypse game, where you play Hydro-punk Robin Hoods stealing water from Corporations in order to keep your neighborhood alive. Play one of 6 playbooks: Broker, Community Activist, Diviner, Hacker, Neighborhood Watch, and of course Plumbers. Create your neighborhood from its own playbook, and work to keep it from running out of water, as well as trying to make it a better place. All of your actions are opposed by the Water Authority, a militarized corporation whose job is to ration and distribute water to everyone, and more to those who can pay.