Land of Seed and Blossom 2nd Edition

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Release Date 2/20/2017
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We Will Take Back Our Home
The Izou Empire has occupied the Land of Seed and Blossom for 400 years, and the Blossom people have been powerless to fight back. The nation is peaceful by nature, but the years of oppression and atrocities upon its people have become too much. The rumble of descent has begun; This is the time! Prepare for the Uprising

Land of Seed and Blossom 2nd Edition is a sourcebook for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition that focuses on one of the Five Kingdoms. Explore a new nation full of its own traditions and a heritage completely unlike the Izou Empire. Take control of ninja from seven new clans who rule the Land of Seed and Blossom as they spark an Uprising against an occupying force.

This Book Includes:
Get the full strategy behind the Blossom ninja's fledgling Uprising against the Izou Empire
Detailed breakdowns of each province, including important landmarks and cities
Seven new clans native to the Land of Seed and Blossom, like the Splendid Chameleons and Crystal Bearers, each with its own unique jutsu.
New Adventure included!

7 new Pregenerated characters ready to jump into the action!