OotS #2: No Cure For the Paladin

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Manufacturer Giant in the Playground
Category Role Playing Games
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OotS: No Cure For the Paladin BluesGiants in the Playground (Impressions)The Order of the Stick is back in action (and in color!) in this second volume compiling the popular fantasy gaming satire webcomic in convenient book format. Watch inamazement as The Order of the Stick, everyone's favorite band of hopelessly incompetent adventurers, leaves the dungeon behind (probably a good idea,considering they blew it up anyway) and ventures out into the great outdoors. Thrill to encounters with bandits, dragons, assassins, and perhaps the most terrifying of all--paladins! Watch in amazement as the Order of the Stick finds itself caught between the forces of Good and Less-Than-Good as their stupid little adventure turns into a stupid epic adventure to save their very world!