Truth and Lies 2nd Edition

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Release Date 4/3/2017
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Manufacturer Third Eye Games
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The Sharpest Blades... Only a thin line exists between truth and lies, both powerful weapons if wielded with finesse and fearlessness. We cut our enemies down with our words, our ideals and our finely sharpened weapons. Never look back and stay true to your creed, no matter the evil you may bring upon others.

Cut as Deep As the Soul. Truth and Lies 2nd Edition is the second clan sourcebook for The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition. Learn more about the unforgiving Metal-Aspected clans: The Will of Iron, who travel the world enacting true justice, and the Hidden Strands of Fate, mysterious betrayers with a strange hold on noble ninja. Few dare to peek behind the veil to these clans' true natures. Will you take that challenge?

This Book Includes:
In-depth look at the territory, training methods and mysteries behind the Sheriffs and Strands
Brand new jutsu, Fighting Styles (Deer and Silkworm)and even Celestial Animals to bring into your game
Two new clans ready to face the Ninja Crusade
New Adventure included
7 new Pregenerated characters ready to jump into the action!