Wolsung: Extraordinary Voyages

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XIX century is the age of the last great discoveries. The last moment to explore places which no other adventurer has visited before. The world is getting more and more civilized. Nothing can stop the triumphant march led by the fearless explorers. These intrepid men and women are followed by others, acting not because of thirst for knowledge and adventure, but for massive profits. The fertile soil of exotic land is more and more often squashed by multi-national trading companies, and their skies are darkened by wings of metal dragons.

But what would these exotic lands be without temples lost in the jungle, tombs of ancient emperors, filled with gold and traps, and ruins of legendary cities? Treasures and cursed artefacts are guarded by unusual antagonists. In the colonies, explorers are threatened by hungry desert spirit, piranha-men from Amacunu and mysterious creatures of Purgatoria. This is the last moment to see these exotic wonders, before they become bland and banal. Are you ready?

In Extraordinary Voyages you'll find:
-Complete descriptions of 12 colonies and 4 mysteries of the world
-Info about ancient civilisations, exotic dragons and the past of the contemporary colonies
-Additional rules for poisons, diseases and high noon duels
-9 organizations from faraway lands
-32 new Edges, 35 exotic gadgets, 10 cursed artefacts and 28 unusual Achievements
-13 new exotic opponents
-15 campaign seeds and 207 new adventure ideas

Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy is a role-playing game of cinematic action about adventures of amazing Ladies and Gentlemen, set in alternate 19th century during the Magical Industrial Revolution.

Extraordinary Voyages is a supplement and requires Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy core book.