Pirates of Pugmire Screen

Release Date 5/17/2021
Retail Price $20.00
Manufacturer Onyx Path Publishing
Category RPG Accessories
UPC 850003541136
Weight (lb) 0.51

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Dogs have inherited the world, building the kingdom of Pugmire untold centuries after the Ages of Man were over. These dogs have been uplifted to use tools and language, and they seek to rediscover the ruins of the Old Ones. The world is dangerous and mysterious, but good dogs will persevere. Pugmire is a light-hearted and family-friendly fantasy world. It’s one of the first of Onyx Path’s creator-owned games, produced in a partnership with Eddy Webb and Pudsteady. Pirates of Pugmire Screen - a sturdy three-panel screen featuring evocative art on the outer side, and a selection of charts and other info on the inside to make the Storytellers job a little bit easier. Inside are 8 pages of content designed to enhance game play.