SB: Catan: Hexadocks Base Set

SKU GG6018
Release Date 11/12/2020
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer GameGenic
Category Board Games Accessories
UPC 4251715408933
Weight (lb) 0.92

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Ready to settle! CATAN Hexadocks will keep all your wooden game components safely stored and perfectly organized. With this smart wooden parts holder you are ready to play right out of the box. No need to count that you have the right number of components anymore! The slots are organized for easy access to your roads, settlements, and cities. Hexadocks looks the part, thanks to their full CATAN color scheme, and are made from quality, durable material. The transparent cover protects parts from falling out, and displays its contents clearly. The base set contains 4 docks, one, for each player of the CATANĀ® base game. There is also an Extension Set available to include colors of the 5-6 player ex-tension sold separately.