DP: Aladdin Multipack (3)

Release Date 4/22/2019
Retail Price $99.99
Manufacturer Hasbro
Category Toys
UPC 00630509785513
Weight (lb) 12.198

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Collectors and fans alike will delight in Disney's Aladdin Agrabah Doll Collection that includes five beautifully detailed dolls. From the brave "diamond in the rough" Aladdin, dressed in his Prince Ali costume to Princess Jasmine and her best friend Dalia, to the wisecracking Genie and the evil Jafar, this set is a must-have addition to any Aladdin doll collection.

The Princess Jasmine doll features pants and a cape with glittery peacock feather designs. The Dalia doll, inspired by Jasmine's best friend, wears a maroon and gold-colored gown with billowing sleeves. The Jafar figure features a long cape with gold detail, swooping shoulder pieces, and a headpiece. The Aladdin doll wears his white Prince Ali outfit, with boots and a headpiece, and the Genie doll wears his blue, paisley-patterned pants and gold-colored slippers with turned-up toes.

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