Sword & Sorcery: Nemeses

Release Date 1/5/2022
Retail Price $19.90
Manufacturer Ares Games
Category Board Games
UPC 8054181515008
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There is no Light without Shadow... Sometimes, when an immortal Hero resurrects, their darkest thoughts and fears are called back from the spirit realm and take physical form, creating a dark twin called a Nemesis: an extraordinary opponent, with skills and powers specifically opposing those of the Hero.

Sword & Sorcery - Ancient Chronicles Nemeses expansion includes new unique Enemies, each of them the Nemesis matching the class of one of the Heroes of the Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Core Set; and a new special Enemy, the White Tiger, which they can summon to fight at their side. The included rule sheet provides you with several ways to integrate these new foes into a Sword & Sorcery Quest. Also included in this expansion there are ten Bond cards: use them to forge a special connection between two Heroes, to create a friendship — or love — stronger than death!

A Nemesis is an extraordinary opponent, with skills and powers to match an immortal Hero. Each Nemesis included in this expansion has 2 Soul Natures/Classes and comprises: 1 doublesided Scroll card, each side bonded to a specific Soul Nature/ Class and designed to match the Hero counterpart; 2 Enemy cards, one for each Soul Nature/Class; 1 Red Figure, representing the Nemesis on the battlefield.

2 Reference Sheet
10 Bond Cards
6 Enemy Scroll Cards
13 Enemy Cards
1 Venture Card
1 Enemy Power Card
6 Plastic Figures
28 Tokens & Markers