Talislanta: The Savage Land

Release Date 5/18/2020
Retail Price $49.99
Manufacturer Chaosium, Inc.
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9781640130135
Weight (lb) 2.626

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Talislanta is a fantasy roleplaying game and game-setting that was first published back in 1986. Unlike most RPGs from the 1980s, the Talislanta milieu was not based on traditional Western mythology. It didn’t have the usual Tolkien-esque trappings of games like D&D; in fact, ads for the game proudly proclaimed, “No Elves”.

Inspired by the fantasy novels of Jack Vance, H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dreamlands of Unknown Kadath, and Michael Moorcock’s Elric novels, Talislanta is set in a strange world of twin suns and seven moons practically overflowing with exotic peoples, places, and creatures.

This new edition of Talislanta is a complete stand-alone game book, which includes the original Talislanta rule system. Fully illustrated in color to bring the unique world of Talislanta to life. Fans returning to Talislanta with find this edition, set in Talislanta’s barbaric past, offers them a new way to enjoy the setting, while new fans get everything they need to explore Talislanta for the first time.