The Wicked Forest: Nasdra's Dwelling

Release Date 3/26/2020
Retail Price $24.99
Manufacturer Laser Craft Workshop LLC
Category Miniature Accessories and Tools
UPC 613072914993
Weight (lb) 0.518

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Long time gone Nasdra came to these woods. She built her holding from the stones of the earth and tallest of trees, binding earth and sky to her will. From each who abides here she takes payment; fur and wool, grain and fruit, blood and bone. All based on what they can least afford to lose.

Nasdra, Wise One's Dwelling, is a two story house on a 5" x 3-3/4" base and reaches a height of 6" to the peaked roof. The lower floor has etched stone details. The upper story, which overhangs the ground floor, features wood plank detailing. The structure sports several broken sections and missing stones. The doors and roof are removable to allow interior play. All pieces are cut from sturdy 3mm MDF board. This kit ships unassembled and unpainted.