Meccano Set 4 Motorized Marvels (4)

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Manufacturer Spin Master
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Build with springs and bring your inventions to life with Meccano’s Action Springs Innovation Set! The building possibilities are endless with this STEAM set. Experiment with the power of tension, compression and force to assemble spring-loaded catapults, vehicles with working suspension, robots, or anything you can imagine! Invent your own creations or use the blueprints (six included) to inspire more builds. The included Maker Tool makes it easy to turn recyclable materials like cardboard, foam, plastic and more into new parts for your creations. With a built-in multi-hole punch, scorer and screw gauge, it’s the most versatile tool a young inventor can have! As kids learn about springs and bring their builds to life, they will see how concepts from science, technology, engineering, arts and math are practically applied, in a fun and exciting way. Explore the use of springs in your builds with Meccano’s Action Springs Innovation Set!