Warcaster: ISA: Paladin Enforcers(metal)

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Release Date 10/23/2020
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Manufacturer Privateer Press
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Trained and equipped to fight in coordination with the Iron Star Alliance’s Warcasters, the Paladins are the federation’s military elite. Each soldier is fully encased in mechanically enhanced compound armor complete with an Arc receiver attuned to their supporting Warcaster. The Enforcers are the Paladins’ standard infantry branch, and each trooper is equipped with an assault rifle with a bayonet. While charged with Arc, the reflex accelerators integrated into their armor enable the Enforcers to attack with both weapons simultaneously in a blur of violence and firepower.

Three-model squad. While charged, the Paladin Enforcers can attack with both their melee and ranged weapons in the same activation. Their Divination Lock mechanika enables the squad to spike to ignore cover and Stealth. Wear Paladin Compound Armor, which gives them bonus ARM (Armor) against explosion damage.