Sonic The Hedgehog: Battle Racers

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Select your Racer, choose your route, and fight your way to the Finish while avoiding opposing Racers and a variety of dangerous obstacles. Control your Speed, use your Abilities, and activate your special Powers to collect as many Rings as you can in an amazing race.

Based on Sonic the Hedgehog, the worldwide video game phenomenon, Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers board game and expansions allow players to take on the role of Sonic or one of his many friends and rivals in a strategic race through a variety of exciting locations. The track changes with every race, so no two games are alike. Also includes rules for solo play!

1+ players
Ages 9+
30-60 minute play time

64 Agility Cards
50 Ring Tokens
40 Badnik Tokens
15 Rock Tokens
10 Green Hill Track Sections
4 Miniatures
4 Racer Profiles
4 Speed Tokens
4 Badnik Reference Cards
Track Reference Card