TOS: Abyssinia: Dreadnaught

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Release Date 12/26/2018
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Manufacturer Wyrd Miniatures
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The Dreadnought is one of Abyssinia's machines of war. Manned by multiple gunners, the Dreadnought can wade into the battle and lay down an impressive amount of gunfire.

The Crushing Legs ability gives the Dreadnought an attack by simply moving, giving the chance to crush Squads under its feet.

The Mounted Gatling Guns attack is the Dreadnought's main attack, coming in at a solid Strength 3. The Action gives out a Pinned Token, slowing the enemy down and cutting off their reinforcements.

The Mask Trigger, Nimble, on the shot makes the Dreadnought have a good potential speed, allowing it to capitalize on its Crushing Legs.

Abyssinia Titan This includes the Dreadnought unit card, the Titan Assets, and 1 model on a 120mm plug base.