Vampire: The Masquerade 5th: Anarch

SKU MUH051576
Release Date 4/9/2019
Retail Price $50.00
Manufacturer Modiphius Entertainment
Category Role Playing Games
UPC 9781912200993
Weight (lb) 2.22

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Welcome to a blood thriller on the streets of the modern nights. For centuries the Anarch Movement enjoyed an uneasy truce with the Camarilla, but no longer. Now, the Unbound refuse to bow to the sickening hypocrisy and tyranny of their former allies. Claiming the nighttime streets as their own, the Anarchs seek independence from the despotic Elders, by any means necessary. Only the toughest and smartest of self-made vampires will survive. Featuring all-new essays on nocturnal survival and politics from Juhana Pettersson.